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Personal Trainer Muskelaufbau

– „I already know everything“

Exercise execution

In order to train long-term and without injury, it is essential to perform the exercises correctly. The big problem with textbooks, online courses or online videos is that they do not take your individual anatomical characteristics into account and the exercise is therefore not optimally adapted to you. By being supervised by a qualified personal trainer, you can ensure that you perform the exercise correctly and thus train long-term without injury.

Exercise selection

The choice of exercises plays a crucial role in training for strength or muscle building. By combining multi- and single-joint exercises, each muscle group is loaded with the necessary volume and thus receives the right stimulus for muscle growth.

A qualified personal trainer can also identify weak points and strengthen them through the right selection of exercises.

Training planning

Long-term training planning is often underestimated in muscle building and bodybuilding. In order to achieve long-term success, it is imperative to increase the volume of training (= weight moved x sets x repetitions) over the months/years. This requires precise training planning and documentation.

A qualified personal trainer can also help you overcome plateaus through proper training planning and thus finally achieve success in training again.

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